The Payroll solution that delivers immediate value

Explore our modern payroll system for coordination and efficiency. With our automated time management and an intuitive approval workflow, payroll has never been simpler. Our integrated backoffice ensures smooth operations, while customizable features like bank integrations allows us to meet your unique needs whether you’re located in Europe, Middle East, America etc. . Simplify payroll and boost productivity today.

Consistency, Compliance, and Critical Reporting Made Easy

Spend Less Time, Get More Done

Get a unified, single data source for all your HR, benefits, time and attendance, and payroll info instead of putting the pieces together yourself, saving you hours each month.

Handle the Hard Stuff with Personal Help

A personal partnership with an insider means peace of mind when complications in computation, taxes, wage law, documentation, and more arise.

Report Reliably

The perfect paycheck and rock-solid reporting do exist. Our people help make it happen with a combination of hands-on support and superior technology.

Log in Just Once

CPS simplifies the payroll process in multiple ways, but most importantly, wraps it all in a single seamless, cloud-based platform that lets you and your employees do everything with just one touchpoint…us.

They Get Paid. You Get Efficient.

Running and managing the paying of your employees is easy with the help of your people in payroll.



Employees submit hours, schedule changes, and request time off via mobile or their computer; you get tailored, real-time reports and information ready to be processed in payroll.



Check entries with simplified workflows and customizable checklists with instant report access.



Sign off and knock out the busywork of payroll in just a few clicks.



Learn more with instant access to system information via dashboard analytics, ready to use or ad-hoc reports, and abundant data. Gain important insight in return.

CPS is the Complete Package

Payroll outsourcing shouldn’t slow you down, so we thought of everything to help you do it all quickly and compliantly.

Payroll Image

Compliance, Double-Checked

From payroll and tax laws to regulation changes, ACA to unemployment, we deeply understand and guarantee compliance with all the regulations so you stay on the right side of the law, no matter how it – or your business – changes.

Reports, The Detail You Need

Immediate updating means up-to-date information for custom reports, ACA and EEO-1 reporting and incident tracking, offering you the insight you need to track trends, validate accuracy and connect with outside partners.

Your Business, Your Solutions

Customize payroll reports and configure dashboards and solutions just the way you need them to make the most of our features and your time.

Do More and Stress Less, Every Day

  • Multi-state payroll services

    Easy coordination for complex staff locations and pay schedules.

  • Gross-to-net calculations

    Accurate reductions and deductions calculated quickly and easily.

  • Payroll preview   data audit

    Give yourself an accurate view of completed payroll processing, including checks of process and compliance.

  • Time off and accrual management

    Automated time and attendance management, accruals and scheduling are all accessible through mobile and web-based applications for both employees and management.

  • Integrations

    Save time and make things simple by using our single platform, or integrate with existing vendors to consolidate and automatically and accurately communicate between the systems you use to run your business everyday.

  • Employee pay options

    Go paperless, use direct deposit, or stay traditional, whatever works best for your workforce.

Why should I choose CPS?

At Tassei Tech, we believe in making your business operations seamless and efficient. CPS is your dedicated partner in managing the essentials of running and growing your business. When you collaborate with us, you’re working with real people – dedicated experts in payroll, HR, and benefits, ensuring that every solution, tool, or tip is perfectly tailored to fit your business needs.
Will Tassei Tech handle my payroll taxes?

Absolutely. We offer full-service tax filing and take complete accountability for all federal, state, and local tax requirements. We guarantee accuracy, and if there are any penalties due to errors, we cover them.

Can Tassei Tech help customize a payroll package for my business?

Definitely! We understand every business is unique. Connect with your dedicated CPS representative, and we'll tailor a payroll package that fits your specific needs and ensures efficient operations.

What makes Tassei Tech's CPS different from other payroll services?

At Tassei Tech, we prioritize personalized service. You’ll work with dedicated experts who understand your business, providing tailored solutions and proactive support.

Partner With CPS

Say Hello to Your People in Payroll

  • No games. No hidden fees.
    When it comes to pricing, with CPS, what you see is what you get. (We couldn’t look you in the eye and hide it anyway.)
  • Zero contracts. All the collaboration.
    It’s so easy to work with us; we chalk a lot of it up to rock solid communication. Whether you prefer email, chat, or even a good conversation...we are here for you, helping you every step of the way.
  • Insiders, all the way.
    We’re one of the largest privately held payroll outsourcing company in the US, with going on two decades of experience helping businesses run smoothly.
  • Custom and curated.
    No two businesses are alike, so their business solutions shouldn’t be. We offer the best software options out there, then customize them just for you.