Managed IT Services

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, Managed IT Services have become a cornerstone for businesses aiming to maintain seamless operations and drive growth. At Tassei Tech, we specialize in providing 24/7 Application Support, Change Management, 24/7 Proactive Monitoring & Infrastructure Support, and Incident Management. Our professional IT monitoring services ensure that your systems are always running optimally, while our proactive approach helps in detecting and responding to network incidents and outages immediately. We offer a perfect match between professional and automated monitoring, enabling you to focus on your core business activities. Our proactive network monitoring identifies and addresses potential issues before they impact your operations. The importance of reliable IT management cannot be overstated. It forms the backbone of business continuity and growth, minimizing downtime, mitigating risks, and enhancing security to ensure the continuous availability of your applications and systems.
What do we do at Tassei Tech?
24/7 Application Support

At Tassei Tech, our team of experts is available around the clock to ensure your applications run smoothly without any interruptions. We provide continuous support for business-critical applications, making sure they are always performing at their best. Whether it's ERP systems, CRM platforms, e-commerce websites, or custom business software, our proactive monitoring and maintenance ensure that your applications remain reliable and efficient, preventing any potential downtime that could impact your operations. English is our language, ensuring clear and effective communication with all our clients.

Change Management

Tassei Tech manages and implements changes in your IT environment systematically, minimizing disruptions and ensuring that updates and new implementations are seamless and beneficial. Our approach to change management includes managing IT changes effectively to minimize disruption, such as software updates, on-premise infrastructure upgrades, and cloud infrastructure upgrades like Kubernetes. We specialize in both Linux and Windows server environments, ensuring that every change is executed smoothly, enhancing your IT environment without causing interruptions to your business operations.

24/7 Proactive Monitoring & Infrastructure Support

At Tassei Tech, we continuously monitor your IT infrastructure to detect and resolve issues before they impact your business. Our proactive approach ensures optimal performance and reliability of your systems. We provide support for both on-premise and cloud infrastructures, utilizing cutting-edge tools and technologies such as AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, and Datadog. By maximizing IT resources efficiency, we help your business achieve a seamless and reliable IT environment that supports your growth and operational needs.

Incident Management

Our robust incident management process ensures that any IT incidents are addressed swiftly, reducing downtime and maintaining business continuity. At Tassei Tech, we prioritize rapid response and resolution of IT incidents, minimizing their impact on your business operations. Our incident management process utilizes advanced escalation tools such as Atlassian and PagerDuty, ensuring that every issue is handled promptly and effectively.

Why businesses need Tassei Managed Services?

By choosing Tassei Tech's Managed IT Services, you are investing in a resilient, efficient, and secure IT environment that supports your business goals and adapts to your evolving needs. Let us supercharge your IT operations, allowing you to achieve excellence in every aspect of your business.
Free Up Idle IT Resources
By outsourcing your IT management to Tassei Tech, your internal teams can focus on strategic projects driving innovation and growth. Idle resources are resolved by Tassei, optimizing IT efficiency.
Technical Support
Provide access to expert technical support round the clock, ensuring that any IT issues are resolved swiftly and effectively.
Improve User Experience
Our proactive approach to IT management ensures that your users experience minimal disruptions, leading to enhanced productivity and satisfaction.
Proactive System and Application Monitoring
Shift from reactive to proactive IT management with continuous monitoring of systems and applications, preventing issues before they affect your business.
24x7x365 Remote Monitoring Team
Our dedicated remote monitoring team ensures that your IT infrastructure is monitored and maintained round the clock, providing peace of mind and operational continuity
Optimize & Control Costs
Managed IT Services from Tassei Tech help optimize your IT spending by providing predictable costs and reducing the need for expensive infrastructure investments and maintenance.

Technologies and Tools

AWS CloudWatch
Azure Monitor